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  We respond the global era dynamically and The implication of it our obligation. The qualified human resource is a capital to complete And survive in the global era.

We realize the outcomes of vocational school are competitors, logically they must have qualified human resources to face the global era.

We formulate that the qualified human resources consist of attitude, knowledge and skill factor. Bhina Tunas Bhakti Juwana Vocational School commit to increase the quality, development, and innovation to proof that formula.
  Vision :
To create Human resources development in a good quality

Mision :
To provide the best outcome in a good characteristic and competitive :
1. Investment, normatif, adaptif, and productive valuable;
2. The existing potential intern and extern of human resource development;
3. The development school is simply.

Motto :
Commit to Quality

Indicate :
Perform human resource development and it's consist of :
1. Smart Intellectual
2. Smart Emotional
3. Smart Spiritual

  Learning and Trainning

The growing of science and technology and to fulfill the job vacancy in industries,
We prepare our students with applying the dual system program and newest learning
and training theories such as :
- Mastering learning
- Competency based on training
- Life skill

  Life Skill Program

Beside learning and practice at their department each other, the student of Bhina Tunas
Bhakti Juwana Vocational School are offered life skill program as followed :
- Motor bike mechanic
- Automotive engineering
- Welding
- Electronics
- Driving car training

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